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Bear Bergman — the queer, trans funnyman who has authored six LGBT-themed books, including Butch is a Noun and Blood, Marriage, Wine, and Glitter — says he spends a lot of time looking for the kinds of books he can feel good about giving his child: ones that "represent our family and friends in positive, celebratory ways.

But those books aren't always easy to find. That's why Bergman and his partner, writer j wallace, took matters into their own hands by founding Flamingo Rampant , a children's book press.


Blood, Marriage, Wine, & Glitter

In , they released Backwards Day and The Adventures of Tulip, the Birthday Wish Fairy , two whimsical tales that feature young, gender-independent protagonists. The couple's initial efforts met with an enthusiastic response, much to the surprise of the large publishing houses that, according to Curve , told Bergman and wallace there was no market for books about trans children.

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But after those first two titles, the small press remained quiet for two years. But now, the silence has ended.

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This week, Flamingo Rampant unveiled its latest ambitious project: a year-long subscription book club that will deliver "LGBTQ2S-themed" picture books to subscribers' doors. For a genre that can boast only a couple handfuls of high-quality books, releasing 6 in one year — as the project intends to do, according its Kickstarter — is an enormous leap forward. According to Bergman, the subscription service will fill a gap left by the recent dwindling of independent feminist and LGBT bookstores.

How does the Flamingo Rampant Book Club intend to widen literature for its pre-K to 3rd grade readership? Spend your time with people who know that.

Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter

Bear is a person who strives to help his readers find a beauty that has perhaps been overlooked while gently reminding us how important it is to be conscious of choice and the fact that we only make it for ourselves. Blood, Marriage, Wine and Glitter is an excellent book for both those just peeking into the LGBT world for the first time, as well as those who are already well versed in its terminology and particularities. Emotionally charged, provocative and tantalizingly seductive, every essay answers questions you may not have even known you had and opens your mind to the possibility that asking them may not be a bad thing after all.

I highly recommend it to anybody who has the slightest interest in trans-friendly life.

Machatunim by S. Bear Bergman

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