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The question was who got hurt more. Because I was smaller, I was the one who usually hurt more. When I saw Yip Man stick hands with others, he was very relaxed and talked to his partner. Sometimes he threw his partner out without having to hit him. When I stuck hands with Yip Man, I always felt my balance controlled by him when I attempted to strike.

Bruce Lee's Wing Chun Hands Method Explained - Jiu Jitsu in New Hampshire

I was always off balance, with my toes or heels off the ground! I felt my hands rebound when I tried to strike him. It appeared as if Yip Man used my force to hit me. When I was thrown back, it was very comfortable, not violent, yet I still could not see his techniques. I saw Yip Man do this to other students, even the seniors. He never landed a blow on his students, but he would put a student in an awkward position and make the fellow students laugh at the sight. He was the funniest old man. I never once saw Yip Man take a step backward during chi sao.

I thought to myself, this old man was my size and weight, how could he control his students so easily? So every time he played chi sao with a student, I kept watching his perfect wing chun body structure. Whenever he took a step forward, his opponent was thrown back. No matter how big the student was, Yip Man never exhibited a killing attitude. The students would swing his hands, and Yip Man would smile and merely control the movements.

Why is there so much controversy about Yip Man not ...

I really felt hopeless, so I asked sifu what should I do to further myself. Do the form slower. I wanted new ways and new techniques. I had the choice to either drop out or do what he said.

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So I reviewed all the forms with him and he corrected them during private lessons. I did stick hands with him slowly. He just coached me and guided my hands like a baby sitter. In this manner, I learned the softer, defensive side of wing chun. The small car driver has to shut off the engine or interrupt the shift to first gear of the big-car driver. The question is how big is your car, and compared with whom? With my small size, I had to learn this method.

Whether in close-range or distance fighting. By Hong Kong standards, he was a big car.

Wubin says he has no time for big-name 'fake' kung fu masters.

Everyone in wing chun has his opinion or politics. If someone attacks and you solve the problem before it is initiated, how much politics are involved? Politics come from partiality, which is why I say that when wing chun is trained to a high level, there are no techniques. All my training brothers respected Yip Man because he never hurt them, nor were they skillful enough to hurt him. Wing chun is a mental, rather than physical martial art. The system was founded by a lady, and as a result, the art requires mental strategy and physical skill and timing.

Wing chun requires that the mental be ahead of the physical. It is a system to develop skill, not a style.

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A good wing chun man should practice chi sao all the time. You can tell what sort of individuals you are dealing with, his character, his advantages or disadvantages. Of course, this is not percent. When betting on a horse race, an experienced gambler will try to gather all the information he can get on a horse.

He will look at a horse and check his statistics to make an intelligent decision. You learn to minimize your risk. This is what chi sao teaches you. When you do chi sao, you should not attack first, but rather try to collect as much information as you can on your opponent. Many wing chun practitioners want to attack first without gathering information. Attacking first is to give your opponent information on yourself. Bruce changes Bruce changed his methods when he came to the U.

Time and experience caused change, but he had help from wing chun, which hinted which direction to go. Just like my training brothers who express wing chun in their way, Bruce founded a method of teaching his version of wing chun in the U. Bruce used the offensive side of wing chun. Wing chun is not a style, but a system of preparation for combat.

Wing chun gives you the information to be one step ahead of your opponent.

Wing chun is not better than other Systems of martial arts, but it offers a practitioner some unique advantages. No matter what style or system of martial arts, to defeat your opponent you must land your tools. I can fight using wing chun tools. But I express my own Hawkins Cheung style based on my experience. When I teach wing chun tools to my students, I coach them to find which way best fits their character.

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So I teach them the offensive way of wing chun. When the skill in offensive attacks becomes better and they feel they are not improving and become frustrated, they automatically come to me. They ask how to handle this guy or the others. To me, this means they really want to learn. I explain to them that they should relax and pay attention to the defensive side of wing chun.

Once the feeling in their hands and body is automatic, I let them go on their own to find a higher level. They want my help and I do all that I can to help them. Wing chun is very simple to learn. It is also very easy to teach.

Bruce Lee's JKD Double Sticky Hand Basics Chi Sao

The question is if you have tested it out yourself. Can you use the skills in application? Have you forgotten how many fights or whom you have fought before?