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Subscription is free of charge. A new study compares employment of previous inmates in four Nordic countries up until five years after their release. The aim has been to see whether former inmates in certain countries are more successful in finding work, and whether this is a result of the work of the correctional services or labour market measures.

The results have been published in the British Journal of Criminology and is breaking new ground. So far, researchers looking at the links between unemployment and crime have focused on whether the first leads to the latter — i.

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The opposite question, whether crime makes it harder to find jobs when you leave prison, has been far less studied. The answer might seem self evident. Former inmates are not the most attractive people in the labour market.

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But it is not self evident. A prison term could also mean that people change, get help with drug dependency or are picked up by networks outside of the prison. This is why the researchers have studied the employment level five years before the incarceration as well as five years after the end of the prison term.

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The researchers limited their scope to include first time offenders in order to get the most similar possible research groups in the respective countries. They collected information on all first time inmates in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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  8. The numbers from Finland could be seen as confirmation of the fact that people struggle to find jobs after being released. This was the case particularly for those aged 25 or more. If half of this group had jobs before incarceration, only 40 percent had found work five years after serving their sentence. In Norway the picture is different. The number of people who had jobs before committing their first crime was higher than in Finland for the same age groups.

    They also kept that rate up after being released.

    The prison term had no clear negative effect. Benefits of Employment.

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    Steps in Selection Process. Applicants are required to meet minimum standards for the following: Written assessment - including math, reading comprehension, and an essay Physical agility testing Trigger Pull Dummy Drag Shuttle Run Criminal background review Professional reference review Interview with Selection Committee Pre-employment physical including drug screen.

    Avaliable Positions Jail Officer. Maintains custody, control, and security of inmates within the facility. Directs and interacts with inmates on a constant basis while supervising daily activity.


    Enforces rules in a firm, fair, and consistent manner. Provides assistance and direction to inmates on procedures, behavior, and schedules. Accurately prepares, maintains, and updates computerized logs and detailed reports. Notifies medical staff of any health conditions or symptoms with urgency when necessary. Must be able to walk extensively, run occasionally, and climb stairs.

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    Paid training and promotional opportunities. Minimum Qualifications Must be 18 years or older with a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED. Student Internships.