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And this is one such book. Cousins Lorenzo and Gianna are grumpy and stuck with an old uncle, who happens to be a Franciscan brother. He turns a walk through Assisi into an adventure where they learn about Saint Francis.

Sprinkled throughout are quotes from Saint Francis — not as part of the story, but as supplements. Brother Antonio, the uncle who serves as guide, engages both his two young companions and those of us reading along by always asking for input before sharing the story. B, illustrated by Mark Brown Ignatius Press.

Saint Benedict: The Life of Our Most Holy Father Saint Benedict - Enhanced (Illustrated)

This book is a straightforward approach to the life of Saint Benedict. At first, I felt like this was a book for adults disguised with nice illustrations.

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Older children will find this a lighter history, one that breaks up the facts with illustrations that support and supplement the words. Younger children will be interested in the activity and adventures Benedict faced.

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Adults who find themselves in the middle, reading this out loud, may find themselves struck by how busy a man could be in the days before electricity. This is a book for the whole family, I think, and one that will last the years and be worth revisiting later, as the younger kids get older.

As I read this out loud to my four-year-old, I found myself getting a little choked up more than once. No longer was he the amazing man I had read repeatedly and admired, but suddenly a boy not much bigger than the one beside me.

The Rule of St. Benedict (FULL Audiobook)

No longer was he the stunning intellectual, but rather a young man doing what he knew to be right. No longer was he a distant figure, comfortable in heaven, but instead a man who had struggled and suffered immensely.

The holy Nun, his sister, entreated him to stay there all night that they might spend it in discoursing of the joys of heaven. By no persuasion, however, would he agree to that, saying that he might not by any means stay all night outside of his Abbey. At that time, the sky was so clear that no cloud was to be seen.


Book Review: The Life of Saint Benedict by Br. John McKenzie

The Nun, hearing this denial of her brother, joined her hands together, laid them on the table, bowed her head on her hands, and prayed to almighty God. Lifting her head from the table, there fell suddenly such a tempest of lightning and thundering, and such abundance of rain, that neither venerable Benedict, nor his monks that were with him, could put their heads out of doors.

The holy Nun, having rested her head on her hands, poured forth such a flood of tears on the table, that she transformed the clear air to a watery sky. After the end of her devotions, that storm of rain followed; her prayer and the rain so met together, that as she lifted up her head from the table, the thunder began.

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So it was that in one and the very same instant that she lifted up her head, she brought down the rain. The man of God, seeing that he could not, in the midst of such thunder and lightning and great abundance of rain return to his Abbey, began to be heavy and to complain to his sister, saying: "God forgive you, what have you done?

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Therefore if you can now depart, in God's name return to your monastery, and leave me here alone. But the good father, not being able to leave, tarried there against his will where before he would not have stayed willingly. By that means, they watched all night and with spiritual and heavenly talk mutually comforted one another.

St. Benedict of Nursia | EWTN

Therefore, by this we see, as I said before, that he would have had one thing, but he could not effect it. For if we know the venerable man's mind, there is no question but that he would have had the same fair weather to have continued as it was when he left his monastery. He found, however, that a miracle prevented his desire.