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One of the most profound changes in business and society is the emergence of the post- millennial generation — Gen Z — which is slowly but significantly changing the small and medium business SMB landscape. While every generation has contributed to its share of disruption in the way we do business, Gen Z will significantly change the way local businesses are operated.

This session takes a look at the current SMB landscape from a generational perspective and how it will shift in the next 10 years. We will discuss how this evolution will affect our business growth strategies, our products, and the way we connect with the Gen Z SMB owner. The customer journey starts with search in the form of intent or a specific question.

These new consumer services have set customer expectations that brands need to deliver on — or risk answers delivered by someone else. Explore how you can supply the right answers to queries for your clients, map the customer journey across AI-powered discovery services, and drive measurable results.

He has more than 20 years experience in sales, marketing, and operations in U.

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He has spent his career helping to build and scale digital solutions that solve real world issues. Janice Christopher brings well over 30 years of sales, marketing and brand management experience to The Janice Christopher Agency. This skill set has served her well as a marketing consultant for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Deeply competitive, yet relationship oriented, Janice loves seeing her clients win their local markets. Acquiring local business clients is tough. Discover the 10 best tactics for scoring quick lead generation wins AND the inside scoop on successful strategies that top local agencies are using to turn themselves into recurring revenue machines. The modern consumer is driving how winning businesses go to market.

They expect immediacy, tracking, loyalty programs, and more. Neal Polachek will rank the audience in terms of buyer behaviour, and show how apps are defining the new and necessary customer experiences that the modern consumer expects. This talk will encourage channel partners engaging with customers and prospects to ThinkLikeAnApp.

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We operate in markets that are insanely crowded, and struggle to reach customers that are overwhelmed with choices that seem identical. Positioning is more important than ever yet most companies fail to strategically position their businesses so that their strengths are obvious to potential clients. I will walk you through a process for positioning around your strengths and how to strategically choose a market context that makes those strengths obvious to customers. Lastly I will show a series of examples of businesses that unlocked rapid revenue growth through a strategic shift in positioning.

Go from martech winner to a full-service SMB hero, and become the recurring revenue machine your clients need. Is your agency suffering from lackluster campaign results, a slow sales cycle, price wars with your competition, or worse… lost opportunities? How do you differentiate, earn trust, and drive growth? With the proliferation of technology and devices, the customer has become smarter and more powerful. Customers now decide when and how they want to interact with brands, which has had a direct impact on the way companies sell to their customers.

While macro trends such as social, mobile, cloud, big data and IoT are forging a new era of engagement, customers are ultimately becoming far more disruptive than the technology itself. Attendees will hear actionable takeaways on how to create a customer-centric business and long-lasting brand loyalty. Chris is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of sales, marketing, and digital advertising experience.

He has worked with companies from their early stages of development, as well as late-stage ventures. Chris was the founder of web. Chris is an innovator and uses his experience to take a realistic approach to how businesses unfold in the marketplace. Todd Collins has been at the top of the sales game for over 15 years. Mike leads He brings over 25 years of experience managing businesses and brands and working with top tier teams of digital professionals.

Breezehome is, however, convenient for blacksmiths due to its proximity to Warmaiden's, the Skyforge , and wood chopping blocks DG for creating arrows. In the Hearthfire add-on, a courier will deliver a message called Breezehome Furnishings , which allows the Dragonborn to buy an extra room for the Adoption of children. This upgrade will replace the alchemy lab , although the option to change upgrades will always remain available.

Any items stored in the barrel next to the staircase will then be moved to the nearby cupboard. There is also a guest bedroom upgrade to the house that is added after becoming Thane of Whiterun and Lydia becomes the Thane's housecarl. If the title is granted before purchasing Breezehome's deed, the room furnishings are already present.

Once Lydia is dismissed of her duties as a follower , she returns here. See Whiterun Home Decorating Guide for more detailed descriptions. This section contains bugs related to Breezehome. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. There's a house for sale - Breezehome.

You should talk to the steward up in the keep if you're interested. Contents [ show ]. They spent quite a bit of time with him, going on a road trip to Minnesota, visiting the rehab facility in which the book is set. The Taylor-Johnsons wrote the film together, having never written a script before. He is incredibly focused and I would be pacing around making suggestions. He can sit and write for eight hours straight, I can only do bursts. We had debates Both Sam and Aaron have close friends who have struggled with addiction and Sam herself has previously talked about her problematic relationship with alcohol during her art-world wild years.

Compromises had to be made. The film was shot in one location — in Pomona, California, during spring — but they had to make it look like Minnesota in winter. In order to afford the rental of an aeroplane for a crucial early scene, they saved money by finishing an hour early every day.

They were shooting six to seven scenes a day and there was no time for dry runs. For the sequence in which shit spurts out of the walls, Sam had no well-resourced art department to rely on; it was down to her to think on her feet and rig up something with hosepipes, gaffer tape, a fan and a sort of home-made brown gravy. But they did it. A nd James Frey did see it.

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I love Sam and Aaron, as close friends and as artists, and I hope and believe the film will change lives in the same way as the book has. She has never watched the finished film, or its sequels directed by James Foley. N ot looking back is something Sam Taylor-Johnson specialises in, and it has worked to her advantage.

Her early life was not easy. She was born in south London, and her father left the family when she was nine and never came back. Her mother remarried and the family moved to a grim house in Sussex she has a younger sister and brother. When she was 15, her mother left home with no explanation; a few months later it transpired that she was living three doors away, when Sam saw her through the window.


But she is not one to bear grudges, and she is now back in touch with her parents. I have a pretty good relationship with them now. Growing up as I did has taught me to be more instinctual. She studied at Goldsmiths in London and became one of the YBAs, alongside Hirst, Emin et al, specialising in fine-art photography and then multiscreen video work. She was voted most promising newcomer at the Venice Biennale in , and the following year was nominated for the Turner Prize.

In the National Portrait Gallery commissioned her to do a portrait of David Beckham — famously, she filmed him sleeping. Then there was her memorable Crying Men sequence at the White Cube gallery also a book , which featured 28 men including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams and Daniel Craig all crying in front of the camera. None of them had been told in advance that this would be required of them.

She married Jay Jopling, the renowned gallerist and founder of White Cube, with whom she would have two daughters, in But when she was only 30, she developed colon cancer. She had treatment and recovered, then three years later was diagnosed with breast cancer to which she responded with a brilliant work now at the National Portrait Gallery: Self-Portrait in a Single Breasted Suit with Hare.

T he second cancer was entirely unrelated to the first: it was just bad luck.