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GM-UAW talks take turn for worse; settlement not near. Drive starts for recall of indicted Michigan lawmaker. How Michigan Ranked Teams. Foundation makes gift to assisted living center in Detroit. Michigan Supreme Court takes Big Rapids jury tampering case. Saturday's Scores. Detroit takes on non-conference foe Dallas. Michigan Daybook.

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UAW official charged with corruption now on leave of absence. Here is the latest Michigan sports news from The Associated Press. Here is the latest Michigan news from The Associated Press at a. Latest Michigan news, sports, business and entertainment at a. Fields, Dobbins lead No. I run everything marketing related in the company: digital marketing, tour marketing, social media, press, and public relations. A lot of people can reach their ceiling at a really early point, but I feel like there are so many opportunities and a lot of room to be creative.

People say that all the time and it could not be any truer. Even the people who come to talk at SU are great sources of information. People will reply to your cold emails if they see your passion. People will make time for you. Start with one ounce bottle of Olde English Combine equal parts Southern Comfort and amaretto liqueur in a glass, and top it off with a squeeze of lime.

Pour over ice. Serve with a mint garnish. And realize you really only know two Oasis songs, you 90s poser. While no definitive gin and juice recipe exists, Snoop Dogg, ever the minimalist, suggests enjoying a cup of Seagrams.

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His accomplice Dr. Dre, however, insists a glass of Tanqueray is superior—particularly when paired with certain garden-variety herbal remedies.

Drink several. Feel fabulous. Baby, you were born this way. Hailing from the Bronx, Suarez combines his cultural influence with modern popular styles. VS It all happened by chance.

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I never knew my uncle was an old-school DJ in college with vinyl records and. When I came home after freshman year, I told my parents I really liked the social scene at Syracuse, since we are one of the biggest party schools in the country. My uncle decided to go half-andhalf with me on turntables because I loved to play music at parties.

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I was good at picking the songs and moving the crowd. I started with one speaker and volunteered to play music at small gigs at SU for free, especially with events for La L. In terms of old school hip-hop, I really enjoy Funkmaster Flex. The DJs back home would play a lot of old school hip-hop, too. Music is. Dubstep, trap—there seems to always be something new. I try to mix different genres together in house music, so I can throw in bits of the stuff I grew up with because of that experimental freedom. It feels amazing to just let music control you the way it does, and being on stage is the best place to watch it happen.

This is the work of the Chimemasters, a secret student organization that plays its unique melodies from the bell tower in Crouse. The organization is made up of six SU students who are dedicated to enhancing the campus environment through music—specifically through giant bells. Cue the Chimemasters. The Chimemasters play the Westminster Chime melody every quarter hour and a minute performance follows. The performance time ends with the SU Alma Mater.

The group can also play any tune they want during this time. Cue Game of Thrones, One Direction, or any familiar melody that strikes the fancy of the kids behind the bells. The Chimemasters are mostly music students,.

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This year the Chimemasters will be bringing back the tradition of a minute holiday recital. Alex says he was told about the organization when he toured the campus when he was in high school. The Chimemasters themselves may be an exclusive organization, but they need listeners, too. If you want to become an avid Chimemasters fan, there are certain times to tune in. They ring the bells three times a day during the week: at 8 a. The weekends are free game for ringing, as long as there are no concerts going on in the music school.

However, Syracuse appears to be a hotspot for artists right before they break. Here are three artists whose popularity peaked after performing at Syracuse University. At the time, the singer was a senior at Duke University. He performed on October 28, at the first Bandersnatch concert of the semester.

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Only a few months after, he released his debut 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Big Sean later hit 6 on the Billboard Hot Yep, you heard that right — he invented YOLO. Tickets for the concert sold out in less than three hours. That same year Khalifa released his first studio album Rolling Papers, which debuted at number two on the Billboard chart and boosted sales of , copies in the U. He followed the album with O. C in Waxing nostalgic over your long-forgotten lava lamp? We are too. These colorful liquid-filled speakers are the new 5th grade swag, but the bass drops have evolved, like your cup size.


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You can now make custom guitar picks for all your groupies. Embrace your ulterior motives. GOOD This list of must-haves has been approved by our staff. Zayn and Niall do not approve of your One Direction singing action figures, bathrobes, and rollerblades. There is only one reason you should be up all night with One Direction, and impulse-buying any of these gifts on eBay is not it. When purchasing these scruffy little guys, you simultaneously lose your dignity and your ability to get laid.