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She does not resist. All she does is avert herself: avert her lips, avert her eyes. She lets him lay her out on the bed and undress her: she even helps him, raising her arms and then her hips. Little shivers of cold run through her; as soon as she is bare, she slips under the quilted counterpane like a mole burrowing, and turns her back on him. Not rape, not quite that but undesired nevertheless, undesired to the core.

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As though she had decided to go slack, die within herself for the duration, like a rabbit when the jaws of the fox close on its neck. So that everything done to her might be done, as it were, far away. Sunday 10 and Thursday 14 January Journal Lists.


Alive, Alive Oh! Main content. Many global visitors to London rightly have this on their ice-bucket list. Grumpiness personified.

See all the Sweet Photos of Prince George Released in Honor of His 6th Birthday

The room was redeveloped in photographic blacks, greys and whites, with racing green and burnished gold for extra dazzle. A drink named Paint It Black arrives with a brushstroke on its glass, mixing rooibos-infused tequila with a citrussy-fennel soda; Madam Loren rescues the tomato from the Bloody Mary, placing it in a Martini glass with gin and some intense fruit flavours, with a crispy basil leaf floating on top. Best to keep it crispy with cocktails.

Out front is Elementary, an industrial space of exposed vents where light tumbles in through floor-to-ceiling windows and the action is centred around a single, long wooden bar. Behind a concrete wall imprinted with jars and glasses to look like bamboo is more dimly lit and boundary-pushing Tayer from the Spanish word taller, or workshop. In Elementary the menu has some familiar numbers, albeit with a twist: Nordic Old Fashioned gets a Scandi twist with aquavit and cedarwood; a Palo Santo Gimlet is made with gin, sherry, Lillet Blanc and a cordial flavoured with the sacred South American wood usually used as incense, which Alex discovered on a trip to the Amazon — the resulting drink is incredibly crisp and clean.

Little icons on the menu show you what size glass you can expect your drink to come in: highball, short or medium, with a single giant ice cube in each one. In Tayer the drinks list is a little trickier to figure out, with bolded-up ingredients being the only hint to the predominant flavour. The idea is to model it on how chefs would present a menu. Tata Eatery has been one of the most buzzed about London restaurant pop-ups over the past year or so.

And with good reason. Here it sets up a permanent base serving, among other dishes, the brilliant and now-famous sando note: it often sells out : thick slices of pink Iberian pork with raspberry jam and XO shallot sauce in toasted brioche. A sleek new start for a super-talented young team — and possibly the tastiest bar food in London. By Grainne McBride. After-work drinks are a perennial dilemma.

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Central London is a minefield. Enter FAM. Hang up your coat, check out the photo wall and leaf through the vinyl to choose your soundtrack the albums are brought in by the staff.

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From the retro decor, you might expect the drinks to be all beer and Del Boy classics, but the menu is anything but. Homemade sloe gin, nettle cordial, maple kombucha — experimental ingredients with a green-minded sensibility. Try the FAM Margarita, their take on the classic with sweet flower honey to take the bite out of the aftertaste, or Brand New Shoes, a great aperitif with London gin and blood-orange shrub.

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Try the nacho cheese — a signature concoction served cold, yet still runny, or the chips made from celery, with bloody Mary ketchup. Despite the playful name, this bar makes some serious drinks. By Charlotte Davey. But with its smooth, worryingly drinkable creations, friendly service and lack of pretension, the cocktail world loved it too. The answer is Bar Three, in a basement under Spitalfields brasserie Blixen, which is… largely the same, with just a few differences.

Some of the drinks at Bar Three have only the slightest changes from those at its sister bar, such as the orange-infused French 75 — an eccentric, bottle-poured twist on the Kir Royal — which is flavoured here with sweet-tart verjus the pressed juice of unripened grapes rather than lemon and moscato. None of the cocktails really taste like their core alcoholic constituent, so forget any preference for rum, tequila, bourbon or whatever.

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In fact, just work through the whole menu and be done with it. A civilised, unfussy post-work drink spot or a delicious precursor to dinner nearby. But Amis does get one thing totally, utterly wrong: he describes mezcal as the nastiest thing he ever drank. Which is nonsense. Deano has thought long and hard about the menu here, taking a handful of familiar cocktails and reinventing them with tequila and mezcal. Or the Mirror Margarita, a brilliant, crystal-clear serve using a sour made from malic-acid rather than citrus and spritzed with Cointreau and grapefruit.

But take time to ask Deano for a recommendation for a single serve — he pairs each tequila or mezcal with a flavour enhancer, which could be a square of chocolate , a shot of herby Seedlip or, in the case of one very funky mezcal — which had aromas of braying donkeys and scratching chickens but with thankfully none of the flavour — a few mouthfuls of London IPA. As for the wine list, how many other bars have one that straddles Bethnal Green and Mexico? Plenty of crunch, gloop and spice on the full menu here, from yuca chips and tostadas laden with pork belly and aubergine to sea-bass ceviche on crisp breadfruit tostaditas, and shredded-beef and plantain tacos — hard-shell or soft, all made on the premises.

Walls slide, tables flip and the curtains come down — suddenly the bright little brunch spot with white and yellow accents is turned into a moody cocktail bar. Founded by Ed Barry, the community-led space was originally just its daytime incarnation, but when customers started to spill out onto the street after hours, fuelled by espresso Martinis, Under by Night was born.

Where many new bars have failed, Under By Night has triumphed, and then some: the concoctions are innovative without being gimmicky, and flavoursome not garish — the way cocktails were before hen-parties laid claim. The house special is Milk Punch — far from a sickly White Russian, the drink is actually a clear, smooth Martini, with notes of lime and coconut, served in a minimalist tumbler. For pudding, try Popcorn OG — a weighty bourbon with a hint of popcorn sugar that comes with a toasted marshmallow.

The bar snacks are exactly what you want with an after-work tipple — the London-standard side-coaster accompaniments of smoked almonds and giant mixed olives are on the menu, alongside burrata with green pesto and sourdough, and crab sliders with a leaf salad and lemon aioli. Just like the drinks, everything is considered, and even the simplest dishes are served to a high standard. A brilliant pit-stop between the office and dinner.

But times and expectations are a-changing, and this neighbourhood wine- bar -bistro brings an appealing wine list without any pretension — the elegance of its name deftly deflated by the balloony cartoon font of its sign — alongside a proper dining menu. He and his family did most of the interiors work themselves, transforming a dowdy Greek taverna into a bright open space with wooden school chairs and higher marble perches.

source The Martini brings in an Austrian vermouth for a tannic hit; the Margaritas are flying out, stirring in orange wine instead of Cointreau. And the sangria will make you step back and reappraise your opinion of sangria. It's made with Beaujolais and a berry cordial, is wholly refreshing, and makes you think of a free-flowing summertime picnic. You may pop here for the wine list but you will stay for some of those gloopy sweet-potato and sage croquettes, and a few sturdy spears of Wye Valley asparagus, topped by a breadcrumb-crusted egg.

And something from the robata grill — courgettes draped on the plate next to a dollop of freshly whipped ricotta. Your friendly local bistro-bar that wears its knowledge lightly and is fast drawing grateful folk from all around north London.

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Human babies are not, as is commonly supposed, born colour-blind. Science shows that they will spend more time gazing at brightly coloured things than at dull ones. Nor is this something we ever grow out of. And maybe it is one of the reasons why people of all ages are so keen on the Coral Room at The Bloomsbury hotel. A year or so ago the Doyle family, proprietors of the Bloomsbury, had the excellent idea of transforming what had for decades been the lobby into a bar.

Martin Brudnizki , the designer they employed to make this happen, had one or two excellent ideas of his own, including that of painting the walls, which are enormous, a particularly beguiling, rich, vivid and opulent shade of coral pink. The result is breathtaking.