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Before the first day was over, the sorrows of the lost watch and sword had vanished utterly. All of your aches, pains, and emotional baggage just vanish after a kick-ass workout.

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Are some languages able to express certain ideas better than others? Are there concepts that exist in particular languages and nowhere else? As globalization has linked markets and communities, …. Nearby words vanillin , vanillism , vanillylmandelic acid , vanillylmandelic acid test , vanir , vanish , vanishing cream , vanishing lung syndrome , vanishing point , vanitas , vanitory.

Synonym study 1. See disappear.

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Pearl-Maiden H. Rider Haggard. But the declines in many other species, particularly those living along shorelines and in grasslands, far exceeded those gains, Rosenberg and his colleagues report. Shorebirds such as sanderlings and plovers are down by about one-third, the team says. Habitat loss may be to blame.

The familiar birds that flock by the thousands in suburbs were not exempt. His team determined that 19 common species have each lost more than 50 million birds since Twelve groups, including sparrows, warblers, finches, and blackbirds, were particularly hard hit. Even introduced species that have thrived in North America, such as starlings and house sparrows, are losing ground.

Annual surveys show that since , North American birds have dwindled in all habitats except wetlands top. Whereas most groups have declined bottom , ducks and geese have flourished, as have raptors since the ban on DDT.

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Some of the causes may be subtle. Climate change, habitat loss, shifts in food webs, and even cats may all be adding to the problem, and not just for birds.

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Weather radar data revealed similarly steep declines. Radar detects not just rain, but also insect swarms and flocks of birds, which stand out at night, when birds usually migrate. He converted "blobs" from radar stations into biomass.

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The greatest decline was in birds migrating up the eastern United States. The recovery of eagles and other raptors after the U.

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Concurrent with the paper, a coalition of conservation groups has come up with policy recommendations and an action plan for citizens. Simple steps, such as keeping cats indoors or planting native plants, can help, Rosenberg says. By Meredith Wadman Oct.

By Jocelyn Kaiser Oct. By Jocelyn Kaiser Sep.